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Diversity Thrift throws big sale to make way for new floor

Sale ends Friday, so get over there ASAP!

GayRVA Staff | August 31, 2017

There’s a big sale going on right now at Diversity Thrift, the excellent LGBTQ-run thrift store connected to Diversity Richmond. But it’s not just any old sale–it’s clearing the way for big improvements. The store has been in need of some basic structural renovations, and the sale will help clear the way for Diversity Thrift to get a new floor.

The sale itself ends Friday, so you will need to hurry down there if you want to take advantage of the prices on offer. With books marked down as low as 10 cents, furniture starting at 50 percent off, and all clothes for sale for $1-3, this is really a bargain hunter’s dream. You could do a lot worse than to head right over there as soon as you get off work.

For the next few weeks, Diversity will be undergoing some changes. The store will be entirely closed from September 2 through the 5th, as the remaining merchandise is moved out of the store. Diversity Thrift will then reopen as a pop-up boutique inside the Diversity Richmond event hall, located on the other side of the building from the thrift store space.

The pop-up shop will open September 6 and remain open through the 15th, at which time it will close again in order for final touches to be made on the Diversity Thrift space, and for the merchandise to be moved back. The store will reopen in its regular location, complete with a brand new floor, on September 19.

Diversity Richmond’s work to help the LGBTQ community here in Richmond is extremely important, and its thrift store partner is an invaluable source of funding to keep Diversity running. Plus, if we’re really honest, it’s probably the best overall thrift store in Richmond–and certainly doesn’t offer the ethical conundrums presented by, for example, the Salvation Army thrift store a few blocks down. So help keep Diversity Richmond and Diversity Thrift running, and restock your closets and bookshelves for cheap, by hitting the big sale before it wraps up at close of business Friday!

Diversity Thrift is located at 1407 Sherwood Ave. Find them on facebook at facebook.com/diversity.thrift.